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What would you like to add to the existing wallet?

Please, let us know what you think about features that are needed for the wallet

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You could start with responding to the suggestions people have made?

Aside from that I still have nothing in my gsx wallet even though I have emailed support numerous times.

My request is simple, how do I get my coins in a position where I can see their monetary value and where I can sell if choose to do so.

I need help about add my Apollo ID and other secrets phrase and also how I can transfer my GSX COINS TO Apollo wallet. Thanks

I really am having a difficult time just getting money from knox pro to my GSX wallet for verification why isn't there a LIVE person to help people?

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A pamphlet explaining the uses of each section for people just starting out, like a dummies 101.  Lots of terms in use here are not self-explanatory.  Trial and error can get expensive.  YouTube is a wonderful tutorial, once you understand what the terms mean. 

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Please add the fingerprint login feature
Please add fingerprint login feature
Nice Good Job all

great ideals 

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I received my GSX airdrop but now what do I do with it what can I do with the GSX coin

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swap coins in any of Apollo wallets including the Vault

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Hello. Please check your link about wallet for android os

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Добавьте русский язык на сайт и кошелек, пожалуйста.

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Please create a Linux desktop Wallet version to work with the ARM Cortex A53 processors instead of just AMD or Intel

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I would like to see more tutorials on the wallets use , so it can truly be the 'ALL IN ONE' for "EVERYONE'

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Few things in new wallet, excuse me if i missed anything.

1. You cannot backspace the APL part of your wallet address, both on login, and when sending funds, meaning copying and pasting full wallet address does not work, as well as typing an alias no longer works due to this issue.

2. Under alias tab, you cannot any longer search for an alias, only add. Need a search button under add button.

3. On the main screen, you can click "Private APL" to send a private transaction, but the window that pops up looks like the normal send window. Need Private transaction written somewhere.

4. To tell if you are forging, you have to click the down arrow now, it is no longer a visible green pulsing light. This old feature was brilliant. Be great to have this visible again, or something like your balance on main screen is green colour when forging.

5. When sending APL, you used to type address, then when you tab off address it would check address and display the recipients wallet name (if setup) and balance of recipient. GREAT you no longer show balance, as i think this should be private but the wallet name was a great way to check you have the correct wallet you were sending too.

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