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Problem sending apl

I have been trying desperately to send apl from my wallet to idax but keep getting a red box alert stating that vault wallet for account was not found, bad credentials! I have entered the correct passphrase with no spaces or capitals and have had the same passphrase since I first started out with apl all those months ago! Could someone please help?

Having trouble sending APL to IDax, I have 5 unconfirded transaction in my recent transaction with 0 confirmation. I tried to get help using Telegram and was getting scamed, and was stupid enough to send 20000 apl to this address APL-SQYB-TJU2-JPD9-93RN6, but it has not confirmed. The other transactions was sent to idax wallet address APL-ZXJA-VUGM-NG2Y-6WXEV and they have 0 Confirmation. Please help 

they just take your money in most cases then put you on the run around track till you give up

of course if you mention how corrupt this scam is it won't be posted

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