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Deposit Mistake and questions

My Wife recently withdrew APL coins from Idax. The Exchange stated success on the withdrawal, but when we checked our target wallet, there was no new balance.

As it turns out, the address that IDAX transferred to, was off by 1 character. One single character, a "B", should have been an "8".The rest of the address is identical.

I tried to message the owner of the wallet that the funds were sent to, but the system stated it was not a valid, or active, address.

My questions are these:

If the wallet is not valid, even though the site stated transfer success, wouldn't the transfer fail and still leave the coins on the exchange ?

Are the coins in limbo with no recourse ?

What can I do to obtain a remedy to this problem ?

The transfer was for 36.6k coins.

Seems a shame to just lose it like that, over a single character "typo".

Thanks in advance, for your time and consideration.

Ed French

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