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Please remove CoinBene from your site as an Apollo approved exchange. The wallet has been frozen and I took a significant loss selling and getting my money off the exchange. I lost about 30% value but I’m now on bit mart and am simply building my position back up. For other investors sake it shouldn’t be listed.

CoinBene Apollo wallets are suspended forever. Can Apollo Fintech please remove them from the website so no one else takes a loss getting their money off the exchange. On bit mart now and it seems to be legit. Very excited for the future gold rush!

Same problem here, I made yesterday an acc on coinbene to buy APL because I saw the exchange on your legit site and I did go to coinbene just to lose my money. Can you please help me out to get my APL coins out of they exchange? thank you

I had to sell mine for eth at a 30% loss. There is so little trading volume I had to walk my orders down as they filled. Just me selling dropped the price. I’d wait till it goes up a little and then try to sell out as it goes back down from your sales. The eth wallet functions correctly and you can send it to another platform. If you buy back in to apl, it’s about three times the cost on all of the other exchanges. Your coin count will be significantly smaller but you’ll be invested on a legitimate platform. I used bitmart but Knox pro is also functional. That’s the Apollo platform. I bought on bitmart because the price was a little lower at the time. Hope this helps. Salvage what equity you can!

thank you for your answer man but here is a problem, the official Apollo website did send me to coinbene to lose my money, if I sell now I lose a lot of money, so here is not coinbene fault, it's Apollo fault for sending me to wrong place to buy APL. Also I want my APL coins from coinbene, not eth or bitcoin, I want to withdraw my coins, so APollo team should speak with coinbene and fix this because we can send them to court. We the investors we lose money by doing what Apollo team says. I have speak with Apollo by mail and they told me that is not they fault and I should speak with coinbene support and coinbene support does not answer. This smells like an organized scam by this 2 entities

Did you manage to get your coins off coinbene? Mine are stuck there

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