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Secret Phase not working

Hello, my secret phase is not working, am I supposed to include using the space bar, or letters alone? I have tried it both ways and it will not work.

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do u solve it?

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My secret phrase isn't working. Can someone help me?

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same issue here

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Same here. Tried every variable. 

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same here. Tried every variable.

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It’s annoying...I’m losing patience in this wallet layout

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Secret pass phrase for everything is not a good layout. I’m in the wallet,I got the wallet by confirming with secret passphrase.Now I’m trapped from doing anything. 

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I'm also having this problem can you please help me too.

I am also having the same problem I was able to stake my gsx using the passphase I setup but now the system is no accepting it. What is going on?

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It's not accepting it for transactions but my login accepts it

this is starting to look like this company is going to get a lot of free money seeing as noone can get binto their accounts. they let you put it in but then nothing works with the phrase. I'm heated right now. 

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add me to this list also.. and i have a ticket in now with support. tested many ways.. my secret phrase opens another wallet!!!  two tests same results.. my apl is stuck in actual wallet the passphrase initially created.. please send apl to my main wallet. all provided in main ticket. 

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Try n see if it’s capitalized your first word in secret phrase some times it’s the problem if typing you have to include a space between every word I can’t figure out how buy apl I not positive but apl and gsx might b two different things but not easy get help from anyone either lol

Same as me!
What did you do guys?

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