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Secret Phase not working

Hello, my secret phase is not working, am I supposed to include using the space bar, or letters alone? I have tried it both ways and it will not work.

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Hi Lynn

seems that it is a general issue, i am in contact with them by email, i make follow their instructions, even it didnt work for me...

The most probable reason is mistyping in the passphrase (some symbol is missing, or space is added, or hidden symbols are added while copy-pasting).

If you change at least one letter or space in your passphrase, a completely different wallet will open.


The second reason could be if your wallet is a vault.

Please try logging in using your wallet ID and entering the passphrase manually.

You can also try this by opening your browser in incognito mode.


The easiest way to check your passphrase is to try to watch your private transactions (menu section "My transactions" -> "Show private transactions" button). If your passphrase is correct, you will receive a notification that you are watching private transactions.

I've tried every way you explained and my passphrase still won't work!! I hope you RunGuys aren't planning on running off with my money??!!

i figured out that on destop wallet my passphrase is working but there is no funds and on web wollet my funds were visible but my passphrase isnt working. like there is no sync from destop wallet to web wallet. i send a ticket with princreen where is visible both wallet with same adresses but on destop wallet there is no funds. What do you think? maybe this will help someone...

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i have the some thing i cant get any off my gsx out and keep saying secret phase is worry wtf is going on ? i have 5k in here 

Obvious is a system problem and nobody of the apollo team doesnt care. I put 200$ and so glad i didnt put more. if i put like you i never stop chasing them. if u succeed let me know please... good luck!

Hi All,

I was experiencing all the same issues. I contacted customer support, they are very helpful! I was so frustrated!! I now know how to use the wallet. 

YOUR PASSPHRASE WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE APL COIN IN THE WALLET!! This is necessary to transfer funds. 1Apl per transfer.

Keep in mind when typing in seed phrase to transfer funds (BITMART) you will need to add a space in between phrases. I have left GSXX in for staking as it was stated to me that you will lose those coins if sent to exchange. I will reinvest at some point. The platform is not user friendly (quite simple once you learn but much to complicated for a major investment). GSX needs to update all of everything instead of sending emails about purchase of gold mining sites(cmon man internet can have anyone buying a gold mining site). The concept is favorable just doesnt seem likely that this is a Ripple competitor. Not investment advice just a friendly opinion.

 This what I received from customer care:

If you see your coins under My currencies in the wallet, then you can transfer them as they are already in the Apollo Wallet

To make a transfer go to "Currency" and then"My Currency" and select transfer, enter all the details.( APL address from Bitmart is recipient)

You will need at least 1APL to make a transfer. This is for transfer fees.


How do I transfer GSX to Bitmart?(Example)

Create/Sign into Bitmart Account 

Click on your email address in the top right hand corner.

In the drop down menu select assets

Search GSX Select deposit 

Copy Apollo Wallet address(PASTE IN YOUR APL WEB WALLET)

You will need 1APL in your wallet for transfer fees 

Transfer GSX funds from your Apollo wallet.

Should you have GSXII in your wallet please do not send these to an exchange as you will lose them and they won't be retrievable. These are staked coins and locked until Jan 2024.

Hope this helps, I can now move around the APL web wallet much easier and I transfered a significant portion of GSX holdings to Bitmart no problem.

Thanks have a blessed day!

Same issue here

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