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Secret Phase not working

Hello, my secret phase is not working, am I supposed to include using the space bar, or letters alone? I have tried it both ways and it will not work.

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do u solve it?

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My secret phrase isn't working. Can someone help me?

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same issue here

Same here. Tried every variable. 

same here. Tried every variable.

It’s annoying...I’m losing patience in this wallet layout

Secret pass phrase for everything is not a good layout. I’m in the wallet,I got the wallet by confirming with secret passphrase.Now I’m trapped from doing anything. 

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I'm also having this problem can you please help me too.

I am also having the same problem I was able to stake my gsx using the passphase I setup but now the system is no accepting it. What is going on?

It's not accepting it for transactions but my login accepts it

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