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Secret Phase not working

Hello, my secret phase is not working, am I supposed to include using the space bar, or letters alone? I have tried it both ways and it will not work.

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Hi Lynn

seems that it is a general issue, i am in contact with them by email, i make follow their instructions, even it didnt work for me...

The most probable reason is mistyping in the passphrase (some symbol is missing, or space is added, or hidden symbols are added while copy-pasting).

If you change at least one letter or space in your passphrase, a completely different wallet will open.


The second reason could be if your wallet is a vault.

Please try logging in using your wallet ID and entering the passphrase manually.

You can also try this by opening your browser in incognito mode.


The easiest way to check your passphrase is to try to watch your private transactions (menu section "My transactions" -> "Show private transactions" button). If your passphrase is correct, you will receive a notification that you are watching private transactions.

I've tried every way you explained and my passphrase still won't work!! I hope you RunGuys aren't planning on running off with my money??!!

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