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How to verifie account?


On the right top of my Apollo Wallet I see 'not verified'

How do I verifie my account?

And why is the apl id  different to the one of my gsx account?

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I also would like to know how to verify my Apollo Wallet

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Nicholas, I got an answer from the helpdesk on the gsx account.
YOu need to purchase at least one apollo and send it to your wallet. Than it will be verified.

How is your experience with this helpdesk? And the wallet?
I hardly ever get an answer and the login page for the wallet seems to do whatever it wants....?? Starting to feel like a scam as far as I'm concerned

Your colors on your web site suck! Very hard to read....

Is this whole thing a scam. I purchased GSX from a link on Run Guys you tube link NOW cannot find where a deposit was made

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