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Reset 2fa Apollo Wallet

Hey I have a wallet with gsx from my old broken phone. I did not store the 2fa we code out the secret key. Is there a way that the 2fa can be reset... or am I screwed?

Has anybody helped you with this issue? I have the same problem, can't do anything because I do not have the 2FA from my old phone.

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Yes. You have to download the desktop wallet on a computer. Once you do that you: 1: login with your wallet id 2: you have to wait until the all of the data has uploaded. Just leave the wallet open (I waited several hours for this) 3: Then after every thing is updated you can go in and disable 2fa. It won’t ask for the code. Then you’re done. You can login on your phone or whatever. But next time you enable 2fa, make sure you make a copy of your qr and secret code, so you won’t have to go through this again. 3

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was there ever a fix for resetting the 2fa code 

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