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How do I purchase or get APL in my Apollo wallet?


Can anyone help me find out how I can get APL in my Apollo wallet.

I have GSX in my Apollo wallet.

Also I have purchased APL/BTC on bitmart and that was a fiasco too, sent USDC which I had to send back to Coinbase and get Bitcoin and send it, a loss of back and forth transactions due to misinformation.

It just seems I am wasting dollars all over and can't get APL in my Apollo wallet, I am at a loss.

Can someone please help walk me through this.

Thanks for any help.


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Can someone send me APL and I'll send you GSX?

I will need help to do this.

Thank you

and NO this idea is dumb as fuck. like this entire page of BS  i have to work out how to fill in.. custom fee. sure Here is a custom . My finger middle sticking up at the designer of the website. if the coin is as good were fucked

Finally I figured it all out. Working good and staked the GSX. Bitmart worked for me and allowed APL to withdraw to Apollowallet address. Knox still did not allow APL to withdraw. Don't know why but they should fix it.

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The support guy had to go away and 20 minutes later he worked out what it was.

I was laughing pretty hard. Apollos coin. did not know. and I'm a price action trader. But for support to not know wow. I asked  ab bunch of questions and 1 hour later.. I gave up on him and it.. I wont bother stalking.. it will take support 24 hours to help :P. This experience shows me someone running around with a few hundred mill./ doing nothing for us the loyal.  so ill get 1/4 of what I was going to. I'm not sold that they will have a product that works. Lucky I always use bnb to buy.. and I just held on. now I can have as much in both pools free :) BNB will prob outdo this coin I feel

I'v tried to open a ticket, Fucked.

I'v also tried to reset my password, Fucked.

This whole thing even looks a bit armature apart from the video I watched at the start.

I went to BitMart and bought $50 in Bitcoin and then bought APL coins and then transferred them to my APL wallet. The only down side is the min transfer from BitMart is 20K coins so you cant just buy a few. They are cheap and it was relatively painless. Other than that I hope to see the APL coin go up in value soon since I had to buy so many. 

CRAZY WORLD...I just started on this venture. and I do not know my head from my ass ..I currently trade everyday on ETORO and INTERACTIVE BROKERS and of course make a good percentage everyday..but honestly..this platform is rather confusing to establish from start,,first thing I am trying to do is link my bank account to my APL account that would be a good start...maybe I SHOULD GO ON YOU TUBE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ..IF SOMEONE HAS PRODUCED A WALK THROUGH..

This whole process should be CLEARLY demonstrated, It should be seamless to buy BTC or ETH and send to your GSX, knox VIP, or whatever account. Big problems in verifying  wallets?

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This is the biggest pain in the ASS ever. No help theyn just keep sending me to Apolloglobal you tube which does work in knox VIP

There is help available. 

They do not mention. Yet it is their Job.. That Telegram has .. a Bunch of mods that can assist. whatever your problems.. They Might be able to help.. But the Best place to get any info. is Telegram. To fucking stupid to tell you on website with support..!!

Despite the Red Flags .. like... There all mods answering questions rather than the work that needs to be done for such a huge task. groundwork details facts .. blah. nah their all hiding on telegram. happy to copy paste without reading the question you send.. Unfortunately they don't tell you also. There is a u tube . Apollo university that helps explain as well. tie ins and outs..

So those who do stumble in here. clueless on some things.. then The pointers are in the right direction. Unsure the TEAM . has a Fucking Clue about RL and expect us all to instantly read their minds .. F bullshit

I even told a Admin. Hey Ill donate a few thousand APL. and you can distribute a few to get people up and running if they are not crypto savvy or. whatever.. so its.. we'll They should have NOT made people jump through fucking hoops to open a f n wallet. or verify.. 2-5 APl should have been a standard gift to assist ../ But despite me offering to donate.. The CUNT/ Could not be bothered even fucking replying. how fucking shit is that !!!

in summary. Telegram has Mods. They can help.  Might... !

If they don't answer you properly. Make the Cunts work. as they are not doing anything Actually productive bar the Fancy production.  Yeah sure they might be coding or some BS .. But. All that money we put in.. Transparency.. what are the plans. If I could even see the land area.. and Details on What that area holds grade.. blah blah.. then People Might take it serious.  Seems Pretty Boy spent all his on teeth whiting etc.. They produce something they say will be .. so you can trust the coin  with Real assets backing it ect.. so people feel comfortable buying it.. well./ I see SWEEET F ALL. There Main bread and butter.. Customers they completely neglected. Ones who would have Protected their land mined on ect.. Customers who NEED the Lift up. Unlike us who Want it.. They need it.. its all dumb. No one listens anyway.. fuckjing joke. That would have bought more than all of us. if They used their noggin. I assume have no clue at all.. I wont say where or who as.. Steve.. Dunno man. He might need a bigger private Jet. So his head will fit through the doors..  For Steve looking like Kendoll trying to sell in Africa.. They will not take his serious.. I don't 6think. so where exactly does the revenue come in .. out what % from where. how much of that is added. Dividends. when how often. what's the base Price of Bullion currently held. I'm sure someone with a brain. would have better questions.  Click on almost anything and your redirected to.. eg . Twitter.. account suspended for being a TOOL. Shit like that does not give customers a healthy buyup./ I'm sure. Yet geniuses. at.. dunno codding apparently.. yet That stupid shit shows its to be a dumb investment.. cant fix that.?. yet Can  create all this more more? Not a single mention on website that telegram sort exits . u tube walkthroughs with the ""university"'..  The second it gets up and stabilised. I'm Bailing. f this shit.. Treaded like dogs and told sit  . Beware.. THEY DONT TYELL YA.. but SOON AS YOU SENDS ANYONE APL WHATEVER.. THEY CAN LOOK AT EVEWRYTHIONG YOU HAVE.. CANTY TOPUCH IT BUT CAN DECIDE HOW TO SCAM YOU BEST ofc. twits . NEEDS A  Reality Checker like me. $200 K.. Min,..  I see it and freak.. then Told . welcome to Blockchain.. dumb shit Prancer Coin it should really be called

 how can I get mymoney back for thge GSX coins I bought?

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I finally have figured most of this out. But between my apollo wallet, my exchange wallet, my stratus wallet. And my insta-invest wallet. I got no idea how to get all my currency in one place.

can you help me sell mine ?

What is the relationship between gsx and APL? I've bought gsx.. but as I don't have APL. Does that mean that I don't get the rewards that the CEO talks of? Indeed, what is APL? And why did I buy gsx rather than APL to begin with? Finally, my gsx is stuck in the Apollo Currency wallet. Or it feels stuck. As I have no idea how to move it to an external wallet or exchange.. indeed where do copy and paste a destination into my gsx apollocurrency wallet? I'm befuddled, Yours, Brian O'Neill
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