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how do I get my money back for the GSX coins I bought

 Can anyone help me sell my GSX???

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 Do you have your passphrase?

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Yes I do 

Then try to transfer them to bitmart and change them into usdt. The usdt can be withdrawn 

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right on thank you ...I have  another question...   Do you think this coin is worth keeping...

Also ... do I have to have Apl coins to do this and can I make this exchange from   My GSX coins are on the Apollo Fintech site where I purchased them

I have no idea but probably not.

The interface is not user friendly and for transferring any coins one have to introduce a passphrase every time. I even never got one at the moment I created the Wallet and furthermore there isn't any solution to recover the passphrase. And there is no professional support.

So I conclude it's a product who is really not build for newbies. There are so many projects which are more sophisticated.

I think you had to transfer the gsx coins to the appolowallet before the coin distribution. Now we are fucked up. 

What do you mean we are fucked up .. Do you mean we have lost our coins?/.


how can be the coins I purchased  are still on the Apollo Fintech site

This is concerning. I set up the wallet but couldn't work out how to transfer the coins over. At no point did I receive any notification that if I do not do it by x date that we would lose our coins i.e. our money.

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Thousands of People cannot get their GSX to the APL wallet. I have tried everything. I have uploaded 10K APL tokens, but still nothing.

THis is a complete scam and Apollo are artificially trading on Bitmart. There are no real transactions as no one can get their GSX coins released.

It is time to inform the crypto POLICE, and to arrest the RUN GUYS for taking part in FRAUD. 

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I  would say that some people need to be sued and prosecuted for stealing thousands of dollars and also everyone that has been scammed should come together to get these people.

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Yes lets unite together and go after these crooks 

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