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my coin balance shows 0 in my wallet b

My coin balance shows 0 in my wallet but on your site it shows my coin balance is there. I'm so confused. how do I transfer my coin balance on Apollos site to my wallet? 

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I have the same problem. Zero in wallet but balance is on the site, how do we transfer? Thanks

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What happened in these cases? I bought it in 2021. Same thing with mine showing 0 in coins but there is one page on the site where it is showing what I bought. It is showing transfers to the wallet but amounts are 0.

in my applo wallet, it shows my coins when I go to, site it shows 0

need assistance 


Same problem here. I believe it is being assumed that we all know the next step. However, it should not be assumed that we know. More effort must be made to make the entire process as simple as possible.

What is required is a step by step approach or simple walk through to ensure all the newbies and novices understand the process

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