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GSX3 (staking)

Hi, I sent my GSX coin to the GSX3 staking pool a few days back and haven't received anything back yet. Is there a delay for receiving the coins back? How long if so? 

nothing yet :((

Same here I sent my gsx token for 3 yr lock up on 4/30 and haven't received gsxIII yet

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I sent in a ticket and they responded with, "this topic is better suited for the public forum." Not very promising. I've been burnt by this company before, I'm one more away from them never getting another penny from me.

I'm with you, just hope it plays out for the best. No more investment till they do something besides delays since last year.

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Mine just came in today thankfully. Hope yours does soon too.

I got them, lets see how this goes

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I staked GSX in 2021  I can't locate it  I have an Apollo wallet but there isn't anything in it  How do I find out about my staked coins?

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