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GSX is gone in my account

I haven't used my GSX account in a long time. My account says I have transferred my GSX to another account. I never transferred anything and never gave the ok to do this to anyone.

I M HAVING A PROBLEM FINDING MY COINS TOO ITS BEEN A while since I ve loged in and now My coinz are gone?
Hey i m having same issue
I think its e dashboard only used by the scam owners, you will never get profit out of this, what account asked you every time to type your own phrase by hand in every action you make so they can ebort everytime:) indeed none. We are all fouled overhere, the run guys fucked us literly nice. Run away from this platform guys its e trap to make the scammers richer than they are, we bought those fuckers there Mercedesses:( but watch your back foules Karma will hit them hard soon ore later. Trust me on that one, enjoy while it last scammy pricks

how come there is no comments to see 

was this missing coins fixed ?????

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