Apollo is 100% decentralized. Because of this we have no way to acces your wallet, check your passphrase, edit your passphrase or assist with recovering your passphrase.

The passphrase that was generated when you created your account was generated to match perfectly with the wallet ID generated at the same time.

The most common reason for a passprase not working is spaces added to the front or back of the 12 word passphrase. One extra space can create an error so it's important to remove spaces before the start of the passphrase and after the last word.

Another reason is misspelling or mistyping the passphrase when saving. For this reason we suggest printing your paper wallet to use for future referrence. Additionally if your blockchain has not finished downloading onto your wallet then your passphrase may not show as working. The simple fix to this is to wait until the blockchain is finished downloading before logging in to your wallet.